You're not a woman!?The famous “trendy actor” “Junichi Ishida” has been appointed as the image character for a hair removal machine manufacturer!|Eslab Co., Ltd. press release

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You're not a woman!?As an image character for a hair removal machine manufacturer...

-From September 7th, a special page for "Junichi Ishida x Lumix Hair Removal" will be released!~ Hair Removal Laser


Estrabo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tatsuya Ogura), which is familiar with the commercial hair removal machine “LUMIX series” with a customer satisfaction rate of 94.8%, has been a famous trendy actor since July 2017. We welcome "Junichi Ishida" as an image character for our corporate brand.

Eslab image character "Junichi Ishida"

At present, men's awareness of beauty is increasing year by year, starting with "genderless boys", but there are still few male image characters for beauty manufacturers.However, search terms such as “men’s beauty treatment salon” and “men’s hair removal” are increasing, and further expansion of the beauty market is expected.

Among them, Junichi Ishida, who talks a lot about the secrets of beauty without making you feel the age of 63 years old, and estlab send out information, not only for women but also for men, and deliver beauty information to a wide range of age groups. I would like to

And this time, Junichi Ishida has collaborated with the LUMIX-TWIN SHR commercial continuous hair removal machine, which continues to be a hot topic in the beauty industry, and a special page will be opened on Thursday, September 7th. Newly published from

In addition to "Junichi Ishida", "Junichi Koishida" has appeared, and the two of them are introducing the superiority of "LUMIX Twin SHR".

Lumix Twin SHR x Junichi Ishida's special page

■ What is “LUMIX Twin SHR”?

It achieves high-speed hair removal of 10 shots per second, and since it is the highest spec machine in the industry, it has the same effect and safety as the continuous shooting type.That's why, along with the bed turnover rate, it will be a shortcut to realize several times more sales.

For several decades, the IPL method that has been used in the beauty industry has completely changed, and the heat storage method (SHR method = Super Hair Removal) recommended by medical sites and many clinics has been replaced with esthetic hair removal (light hair removal). ) can be used as the SHR method.Among the many continuous-fire hair removal machines, the “LUMIX series” (Lumix Twin SHR, Lumix SHR), which is the only one in Japan that has acquired safety certification, has already exceeded 600 units.

Recognition of LUMIX hair removal is expanding to the extent that not only general users but also famous celebrities are calling out “# Lumix hair removal” on the web, blogs and SNS.

Uses: hair removal, photo facial, bust enhancement, acne care, red face,

Country of Origin: Made in Japan

・The LUMIX-TWIN SHR desktop type hair removal machine "LUMIX SHR", which is equipped with 7 menus with 1 handpiece.

・Multiple facial care machine “AQUAPURE” that thoroughly approaches the three major skin troubles “eyes, smile lines, pores” with one unit.

・Golden natural silk cosmetics "COCON series" made impossible by silk fibroin emulsification method

Company name: Eslab Co., Ltd.

Industry: Comprehensive beauty manufacturer (beauty equipment, cosmetics, OEM business, etc.)

Representative: Tatsuya Ogura, Representative Director

Headquarters location: 〒162-0805 NITTO PLAZA 3F, 126 Yarai-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

URL      :

Eslab image character "Junichi Ishida"

From right to left: Mr. Ishida, Lumix Twin SHR, Mr. Koishida

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Teaching successful methods of salon management Starting a management support site for hair removal and beauty salons!

LUMIX TWIN, a hair removal machine that adopts a new hair removal theory, won the "Best Item 2017" hair removal category selected by beauty salon managers.

Estlab, a general beauty manufacturer, participates in the 2018 Spring/Summer Milano Collection (Milan Fashion Week) for the first time as a sponsor.

Eslab image character "Junichi Ishida"

From right to left: Mr. Ishida, Lumix Twin SHR, Mr. Koishida


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